Vasai Fort 

Vasai Fort or Fort Bassein was built intending to keep watch over the regions near by. The war between ruling Portuguese and the Marathas led by Chimaji Appa left this Fort with great historic value. Now, under renovation and maintenance, this fort has many things to offer. History for historians, architecture for Architects, sight seeing for others, place to hang out for locals and great studio for photographers. In fact, a friend from here told me that it is also known as the biggest studio for photographers and videographers as many projects are always going on here. From wedding photography, personal shoots, YouTube videos to many major movies of Bollywood as well as recent video of Coldplay, Vasai Fort has been great location for all. 

I visited Vasai Fort after years of wishing to actually go there. Me being sucker for architecture, I literally entered the portal to the era where the Portuguese were here and Marathas was trying to conquer the fort from them. The moment I got in, I was busy in figuring out the rooms and halls and the passages and wondering what it was used as back then. Touching the broken stones walls, hanging out at the arched windows and standing near the huge doors and pretending to be the Queen and getting off the curved porches and wandering as if I stayed there. I know it sounds crazy but this is what I do whenever I visit such places (you guys should have seen me when I was working on a project at the CSMVS museum in Colaba, I used to take the longest exit, ignoring the elevators and always took the spiral staircases.) 

Anyways, coming back to Vasai Fort, here are few clicks. Also, if after watching all the pictures, you planned your next weekend here? Well, you are welcome! Hehe. But my little tip! try to visit during or after monsoon to get the most of this place and if you can’t wait till then, get more bottles of water as it’s effing hot and there’s no drinking water available any place close. 



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  1. i never went here will go for sure thnx 4 di info

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  2. Awsome dint know this much about vasai fort and one more thing it was named Basien by portugal cause our vasai was base of portugal in india and base in portugal means Basien

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  3. Wow!!!! Very informative and interesting. Awesome pics….. apart from all this what I observed was the cleanliness around the fort which I remember was not the same when I visited few years back.
    Keep travelling and enjoy what you do…

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  4. Plz do visit arnala fort.

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