Holi Hai !

Rangpanchami or Holi is the festival of colors. It is said that all the grudges, fights, anger and ego are washed away with the colored water on Holi. Which makes it a great occasion to make things right and have a new start with anybody. This festival is called by many other names all around India, in Maharashtra, we call it Rangpanchami. A night earlier, on Holi, huge bonfire is burnt symbolizing the legend of Holika, where she tries to burn praladha but he emerges out of the flames and his aunt Holika is burnt to death. Post that rice laahya and garlands of sugar disks are broken down and shared with everyone as prasad and then starts the real celebration. Who ever are present near the bonfire are colored with gulaal, wishing them saying Holi hai! 

On Rangpanchami, all are up early in the morning and prepping for the fun wars. Everyone arm themselves with water balloons, colored water filled Pichkaris and bags powdered paints! Gangs are formed and the celebrations are started by aiming each other with water balloons. Those who are hidden in their homes are requested to join and in case they are saying away, gangs get in their homes and color them up leaving them no choice to join the fun anyway! 

Hiding in the bathroom to dragging others out of their house, attacking other with water balloons and water showering them while me hidden in the balcony to being a victim of this mischief myself, drinking Bhaang and still standing straight to seeing others get drunk on it and after that they laughing and crying like anything at the same time, I have done it all. That’s why this colorful festival is very close to my heart.

When it comes to food, Maharashtrians have their own specialities ready. Puran Poli and katachi amti is cooked on holi. Only vegetarian and sweet food are supposed to be eaten. Along with that, shrikhand and kurdai is fried and kept as a side dish. However, on Rangpanchami chicken or mutton curries are made. Chicken cooked in kala masala is my personal favorite! 

Two days of Holi and Rangpanchami are spent happily, celebrating, dancing, eating & coloring eachother! It is also one of the unique and incredibly awesome festivals of India. Even writing all this took me back to all the fun and crazy things I have done every year on Holi. Planning to make lots of memories even more! ❤

Tell me about your ways of Holi & Rangpanchami celebrations in the comments below. I would love to know you all more. 

Happy Holi guys! Have a safe one. Mwaah!

Pictures clicked by : Dhruv Rupani 



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  1. Superb blog great words
    Keep it up

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  2. nice looking ejoy have a blast happy holi mugdha didi

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