BBQ Night at Dukan Beach, Qatar

It’s been a year already that I last visited Qatar, but the fun things we did there are still fresh in the memory like it happened just yesterday. So I thought of sharing it with you here on the blog. Just so you know, like any other foreign country even Qatar too is fond of it’s weekends and Friday is their Sunday! Expats are waiting and planning for weekends all week.  Though Qatar is quite small country and have very less to see and do, it’s still very sufficient. Beaches are awesome, have roads worth for really long drives, have both traditional and modern spaces to hangout. People from different countries bring different cultures in here and that gives opportunities to do more of our weekend time in the tiny country. 

On Wednesday evening, we went for BBQ shopping at Lulu’s. It’s like target or say Dmart of Qatar, just a little better and bigger. We bought all sorts of supplies needed for our night out. BBQ stand, extra grills to go on the top of it, spraying oil, oil lamps for extra ambience, cheap mats for sitting, cold drinks & lots of food! 
I attacked the cold storage and got huge bag of prawns (of course, Seafood!!!) searched for some chicken, spices and also bought some breakfast items for the next morning like canned beans and tomato sauce, bread, sausages and much more. 

By the noon of Thursday, we started prepping for the evening. Marinated prawns in the pool of delicious coriander, lemon, olive oil, salt & pepper mixture.  Chopped all the veggies and marinated those too. Used mixture of yogurt and tandoori masala for paneer cubes, salted and peppered the eggplants to keep it grilling ready. We packed everything and waited very patiently for my brother (Dada) to return home from work. 

Dada came later in the evening and we met his friends and left for Dukan Beach. Found ourselves a pretty place, Dada and his friend Amer started setting up the tent, mom and Amer’s wife Mahjabeen worked on BBQ set up, while me and my sister-in-law were getting all the stuff out of plastic bags and keeping it ready. 

Now was time to fire the charcoals and lit the oil lamps that we bought for ambience. That’s when we all realised that no one brought lighter or match sticks!!! Poor boys had to drive back to the nearby store (which was 20 mins away) looking for lighter. Seriously. We entertained us with some music and stories of Qatar till they came back.

After they returned, Mahjabeen and Amer being the experts in BBQ made some awesome chicken and all other things we got with us to eat. I was patiently, like a child waits for her treat, was waiting for that chicken to cook through. 
Well, chicken cooked surprisingly fast and I got my share of chicken. And Ohhh my god!!!! Let me tell you this, that chicken was the juicest, the tastiest, the awesomest chicken I ever had. No double thoughts, just best chicken ever!!!! 

It was winter night, so the dawn followed was the beautiful one. It took almost an hour till the sky was bright and we could see the sun rising. We were done with the food and honestly there was a lot of left overs as the chicken kicked everything else’s butt. 

We wrapped everything up, stuffed our cars and cleaned the mess we made. Our breakfast plan was changed and we went to a Indian restaurant famous for it’s breakfast buffet. We ate again. A lot of it. 

Came home and slept still evening. Got up and ate the left over chicken again! And went back to sleep. Hahahaha!

There are few more stories about my Qatar stay, will try to share it here soon.



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  1. The food looks delicious …… Nice post

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  2. beautiful place .

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