A Day in Colaba 

South Mumbai is Mumbai’s oldest and most developed area. Bringing the islands of Bombay and Colaba together a whole lot of land was created and a beautiful town was built by then ruling Britishers. Today, I am taking you on a stroll with me to this united islands. 

Churchgate railway station

I reached churchgate station quite early in the morning after couple of hours of train ride. Now after reaching here early in the morning, been in the train for so long and so damn hungry because I missed my breakfast, it was time for some appetite pampering. So I headed to one of my favorite breakfast destination, Yazdani Bakery with a little pop and hop in my walk as the picture of freshly baked warm bread and the golden-shiny-melting butter in it and a cup of hot tea was stuck in my mind while I was still on the street. 

Source: Internet

I had the maska pav and chai and let me tell you this, more than appetite my heart was happy and satisfied, yes. One can also look for other cuisines too, as there are plenty of tiny stalls serving fresh and warm breakfast.

Well, now it was time to go on another walk. Just FYI, mornings in this part of Mumbai are quite hasty; if you are on the roads, everyone is running to make it on time to the office, they are either getting on or off the buses or cabs, roads are jammed most of the time. So if you don’t mind walking a bit, it will be much easier for you to commute; especially, if you are just visiting.Though not many will agree with me on walking part as I can walk much longer than any of those I know and hangout with, so if after reading this blog you are thinking of visiting here and walking; it will not be a little walking. Just saying! 

It was sightseeing time, I am big lover for architecture and admire it a lot. That’s why visiting here is always a pleasure for me. There are beautiful buildings built during the British era. The Victorian style of architecture and the construction style which includes arches, tall columns, decorative trims, intricate details, stone structures, something one will surely appreciate. 

It was noon by then and that’s when I entered Colaba’s shopping heaven. Along with the beautiful buildings, I mentioned above, Colaba also offers awesome lanes of tiny stalls of all affordable shopping. If street shopping is your thing, this is your place! Clothes, accessories, jewellery, decor or artifacts everything is available here.

After walking for a while, you will reach near the most visited place in Mumbai; Gateway of India.  

In 1924, a monument  known as the ‘Gateway of India’ was built on the port in Bombay (now known as Mumbai), the capital of state Maharashtra in order to commemorate the visit of the king and the queen of England and their rule in India. The monument is a classic blend of Indian and Mughal Architecture with accessorized with Victorian styled elements. 


The heritage monument is now a tourist attraction and a must visit place in the city. Visiting here will give you many sights at a time. A heritage structure at the port where now many yachts and ferries are parked for tourists to take a ride in the sea and enjoy the view of the Gateway from far away. Sometimes I sit here a while and also love watching people. You know, that’s when I realized how the city loves and adopts everyone as it’s own and we do the same, don’t we?

Opposite to the structure stands one of the most famous five-star hotels of Mumbai, The Taj Mahal Hotel. The 113-years-old hotel has its share of history and a fine example of victorian architecture. The intricate detailed facade, beautiful arched windows and the domes at the top which every tourist try to hold while posing for the picture.


It was evening when I saw the watch which also means I had skipped my lunch! That never happened before. But I knew it was time to head back to get the less crowded train back home. Took a cab to Churchgate station, bought Tibb’s Chicken franky from the stall near the ticket counters, some water and ran to the train which was already at platform. 

Thank you guys for joining me on my day out at Colaba, I hope you had fun too. Hopefully, we will meet for more day outs like this soon! 

Tell me what fun and interesting things you do whenever you are in colaba! Would love to try those things too. 



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