DIY Floral Crown 

Happy March! It’s March, already! I think even 2017 will disappear just like 2016, though I really wish it doesn’t. Thank god, I am making it as productive and fun as possible.

 How did your last two months go?! Are you still up on your resolutions? Let me know, okay! 

So coming back to today’s DIY, honestly,  it was something I planned for March long back using faux flowers or diy paper flowers but I got an awesome deal on these beautiful roses in the train ride back home yesterday. The imaginary light bulb lit up above my head (hope you understood what I am saying) instantly I saw the lady selling the basket full of yellow and red roses. She was very generous giving so many roses and insisted me to take all of the flower in such a tiny price. I think she did that because it was very late at night and she wanted to go little light back home that night. Well, we both were happy at the end. Yippiee! So the DIY changed to Fresh Flower Crown. Flower crowns are a kind of vintage style but they are making their way up again in the weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, girls parties and also as a fun & creative projects.

Materials needed

  • Flexible steelwire 
  • Thread / florist tape
  • Lots of Fresh flowers with foliage (I used roses)
  • Transparent tape


  • Measure the periphery of your head using thread. This will be the length you will need to cut the steel wire, only 2-3 inches more so it overlaps and the ends doesn’t hurt you. 
  • Bend the wire round, to the size you need and start taping the transparent tape all over. This helps the flowers to stay in place and also for you to get the grip. Also, you can create a loop at ends, if you want to adjust the finished crown’s size later.

  • Snip off extra stems of the flowers (keep atleast 3 inches) and tie them in tiny bundles. I made a bundle of three flowers each with some extra leaves. Mix and match the flowers if you are using different types of flowers. I did it with yellow and red roses. 

  • Once all your bundles are ready, with the help of thread or florist tape start tying the bundles on to the round wire frame. You can go all around the frame or stop half way creating the head band if you want.
  • Make sure the bundles are close to each other. Umm, close enough so that appear to be snuggling with each other! Yeah. Make sure the bundles are tight tied to the and won’t come off while you wear it. 
  • Make sure you wear it immediately or keep in refrigerator after packing it in a plastic bag for later use. Remember, they are natural flowers, so they will wilt after few hours. But that’s the beauty of the natural flowers.



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  1. Nicely done.Keep the good work going.

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  2. Hi Mugdha,
    You are an Angel. Thanks for sharing the ride. If it was not for your courtesy i would be stranded on the road with nowhere to go.
    All the best with your blog and do what you do best and make yourself proud.
    Best Regards.

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