A Spring Picnic!

Hello love! Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you. Hope you have plans with your loved ones and will enjoy today. Even if you don’t, who needs a reason or an occasion to do it? (Famous excuses for all singles) Atleast I don’t. I am celebrating this “Month of Love”/ Spring season in every way possible. One of which is by having a SPRING PICNIC!! 



And for this picnic me and my two favorite girls in the entire world, mommy and my BFF went to the near by  farm.


I took care of the food and the decoration very excitedly. Well, who else I would have let that do anyway? It’s decorating and cooking after all! I wanted this picnic from really long time and also to make it as beautiful as I have always seen in the picnic pictures on Pinterest and Tumblr. So I searched for the place, decided the menu and we were rocking! 

Luckily, we found this beautiful farm of yellow and red marigold flowers, which was connected to the Rajodi beach, Virar. It took us 30 mins bus ride from Nalasopara bus stand to the last stop at Rajodi and 10 mins of rickshaw to the farm. The weather was sunny, there were  plenty of coconut trees which provided us enough shade and soothing cool breeze and made everything like we wished it to be. 

Beautiful farm – ©MantraaMugdha

I took help of Pinterest for all sorts of inspirations. From food to ambience to colors. I found the colorful bed sheets and some throws kept deep in the storage, cooking was not a big deal as everything was prepared a day before and the paper art which was already available (thanks to my DIY projects) which we used for the deco at the farm.

My mom was with me throughout the prep and gave me reminders off the to do lists and my BFF helped in setting up the little DIY deco of the little hearts I made for the Valentine’s Day decor and the single tassel garland which was just there at home. We attached those to the thread which was tied between the two trees.


We threw the bed sheets on the ground, use the cardboard box which we brought the crockery in, as the base for the table. Used the turquoise colored glass lanterns, which were lying around in the corner of my house and filled it with some water and used the flowers from the farm itself and had our little flower vase arrangement for the ambience.

Picnic food

For food, I wanted the ultimate picnic menu and so we made some Bombay Chicken Sandwiches with coriander-mint Mayo dip, as sandwiches are quick to make and easy to carry which make them very picnic friendly snack. I also thought of adding some Turkish menu as I had been searching and trying few of them myself, so I made Aubergine dip with yogurt topping. Also another Turkish dish called Tzatziki dip with Carrot wedges, again less messy and easy to make. Chicken nuggets and Pav bhaji (at mom’s request) with some whole wheat bread. Also carried some homemade popcorn for evening snack.

 As everything was prepared a day prior, only popcorns and sandwiches were prepared in the morning so that they stay fresh and crunchy. For the drinks, we bought a chilled bottle of Appy fizz and some water.

Flowers in the vase green turquoise color glass vase
Carrots with dip

Instead of the plastic glasses or paper cups, I took some glasses and ceramic bowl for serving from home. I know it’s a bit over the top with all the crockery and the decoration but that’s me! I like nothing that’s not creative and doesn’t take extra effort and love to make. It will always be over the top or nothing.

It took us 20-25 mins to set things up, we were very hungry by then and everything looked just so beautiful and tempting that we didn’t waste any of the time and went straight for the food. We started with some chilled cold drink and calmed ourselves down. We enjoyed the view of beautiful yellow farm and surrounding coconut trees, mild sun peaking through them and the peaceful nature. Our calming time was extended by our never ending chats and laughs. 

Two girls having a picnic

Two girls enjoying the food
Me and my BFF enjoying the food

We attacked all the mouthwatering food and tried to finish most of it. After the lunch we wrapped the leftovers, cleaned the sheets and took some rest under the shade. Me and my friend talked and laughed a lot remembering all the crazy things we did together in the past and took selfies and gossiped (of course), while my mom was busy in checking out the other nearby farms. 

Mom totally loved the place as she loves gardening and it was so nice to watch her being happy around those plants and also she brought some Tulsi plants home from there. She always does that. 


After the load of food and our mission to finish it no matter what, we were sleepy as hell. We didn’t realised it was already 4 in the evening. Though we still rested under the tree while the sun was setting and let the beautiful golden rays hug us. In an hour, we were ready to leave as we wanted to reach home before 7. We came back to nalasopara station in the same way we went there in the morning.

It was the sweetest and the cutest picnic I have ever had. It took an idea, some good food, nearby farm and some great company to make it interesting.

You can plan a picnic like this too. You don’t have to do every single thing that I did, a food basket, a blanket, a park or the beach and your loved ones are enough to have an awesome picnic and spend some amazing time. Mumbai has great mixture of nature and urban structures, any park or beach is ideal for this kind of picnics. Invite your friends to join you, play games or get involved in the local activities, make memories and have fun chummies! 

A little video of the picnic.

Hope you enjoyed reading this picnic blog as much as I did writing it.
Do let me know your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to like and share the blog with your friends. 


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  1. Wow, nice decoration. Very nice theme to celebrate valentines day.

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  2. Awsome👌👌 Fantastic👍👍

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  3. It’s beautiful! Nice thought and awesome place to visit. Love for nature can surely imagine that.

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  4. Nice idea for hangouts 😍 interesting ✌

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  5. very nice place and the food looks delicious……nice post

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  6. very nice place for valentines, but is that place for couples to go I would like to know


  7. nice place to go for……hopefully will go there someday…..will contact you when i will plan to go there for exact location

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  8. looks to be a nice place to go………and the decoration was fantastic….nice you shared it…

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