How To Recharge Yourself!

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Many have their own ways of recharging themselves. It is very important specially in the fast paced world we are living in. Whether you are a teenager or an adult, working woman or stay at home mom, single or married, anyhow we all are stressed and depressed in some or the other way. Which makes recharging ourself mentally, physically and also emotionally so important.

Girl with the book in her hand - Eat Pray Love

We all encounter different situations, different work atmosphere and go through different emotional crap. Similarly we all have different ways of relaxing and calming. It took me a while to understand what works for me, and honestly guys, most of the things mentioned in the books or various sites online didn’t help me. But whatever did, made me realize how magically those worked. I am not an expert here but these are the ways which helped me for real.

  • Tech Detox : Switch off your phone for a while and live in a real world. Meet people physically than just poking them and sending them likes and hearts. 
Girl alone in the forest - self love - exploring
  • Spend time alone: Give yourself a break from the chaos. Be with yourself, think about positive things and relax your mind.
  • Cleaning:  Okay! This is my the One thing to do when it comes to recharging myself. I was definitely not the one who would have done this and when I found out about it, it was a big naah for me. But now that I have been doing it for a while, the perfectly organized and clean home makes me so satisfied and pump my crazy self up to make something creative. It helps me to clear my mind and do more. Believe me chummies, there’s nothing like to start your day or your work than a clean home or a clean desk. Choose your fav corner at your place and keep it clean and organized for starters and then work your way to the other places.
Girl peeking through the book - eat pray love
    • Read or Write: Pick your favorite book / novel and go underground!! Just kidding. Reading not only makes you stop of thinking the usual things but also nourishes your mind and imagination. Or Write, anything that you don’t want to discuss with others. Write absolutely rubbish, you are not giving a grammar test here. Write down your goals, the highlights of the day, the things that motivates you. Keep a journal, write your story.
    Girl exploring the forest - greenery - woods - self love
    • Get lost in the nature: Search for the nearest national park or hiking or trekking trails or look for the waterfalls if possible. Spend some time there, with or without any company. The serene, green and the wild world will definitely enchant you. I personally love visiting the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. It is the nearest park to my place and the moment I get in through the gates, it’s like entering the portal to the kingdom of Narnia for me. It may sound a little exaggerated but it is so for me. If you happen to go here anytime soon, get off the road and walk your way from the inside walking trails of the park. 
    Girl in the woods
    • Listen to the music, Sing or Dance: Play your favorite playlist and sing along with those songs if you want. Or Dance on the beats. Whatever ease you out. If the fast beats are not working for you, search for some soothing music, I like listening to Bamboo flute and the waterfall or waves sound when I am not in the mood of listening to the Bollywood masala or any other music of such kind. It helps me concentrate and shut the whole world out of my mind.
    A girl in the woods - self love - self motivation
    • Shut the Negativity: This means things, people or places. Don’t do things which are not giving you the vibes you want to feel. Same goes to the people you meet, be it your closest friend or the closest relative, if they are trying to put you down, setting your mood off or talking nothing but negative things or just being mean and only remembers you when they need you, Shut them out of your life. Even at your workplace if they are doing nothing but just complaining all the times about the things and situations in their life, STAY AWAY. 
    Happy girl - peace sign - self love - girl in the woods
    A girl smiling - happy - self love - motivation
    • Go Out: Get out and explore. Places or things that you want to visit or try, maybe? Go boating, row to the middle of the lake and watch the chaos you were a part of just few minutes back, see how it feels to know the world going crazy while you are just being, there in the the boat alone (I have done this). Watch sunrise or the sunset. This will be very relaxing, believe me. 
    • Walk on the Beach: The sound of the waves is very therapeutic for me. As mentioned before if not possible to go on the beach I listen to the music available online. The splashing of the water, the sound of the wind, the setting sun, is a big mood changer for me. A long walk on the beach, a big thumbs up!
    • Meditate: Take atleast 10mins of your day to do it. If you don’t know how to do it, join the course. If not possible do that, look for other techniques of meditation on the internet and try it. I prefer meditating the way I learned at the 10 days course at Vipassana centre in Pune. It’s very different than what is usually taught else where. Get connected to your inner peace!
    • Create: Create something. Search for the DIY online and do it. Something that you love to make. (Pottery, paper art, decor,carpentry)
    • Run a Bath: Pick your favourite bath products of the season and run a bath. Use sea salts, essential oils or bath bombs, a book or a magazine and make a soothing bath for yourself. If not possible, pamper your body with other body products and take a warm and relaxing shower. Great for a lazy day or to end your evening.
    •  Ssshhhh – make some TEA: C’mon! How much do we love our CHAI. I am not addicted to it but it definitely lifts my evenings up. There are other types of tea like green, grey, chamomile, cinnamon etc which are also very healthy for us. Try those out!

            Hope you kick your stress away with the options mentioned. Which of the options do your prefer? Are there any other ways  you try to relax and calm? Please let me know, would love to know about you and your killing stories. 


            Thank-you for reading this blog.

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