Things to do this Republic Day

Republic Day is nearing and there is a day off of the busy and hectic week. Well a odd holiday, a dry day but a day you cannot just waste being a sleepy head in the bed till noon with a phone in your hand!!! You can definitely make it a meaningful, interesting and a fun day. Get up, plan it beforehand!!

    • Watch Rajpath parade: So what if you cannot attend it, you can watch it live on door darshan. It’s okay to watch door darshana once in a while. Get up early and catch up with the parade. Listen to the Prime Minister’s speech. 
    • Be a part: Take a part in the parade. Check where it is organized. Mostly the locals or the schools or even in the colonies, they celebrate and hoist the flag. 
    • Watch Movies : Wake the patriot inside you up by watching patriotic movies like Haqeeqat, border, Gandhi, legend of bhagat singh etc.

    • Speak only Hindi: Speak Shudh Hindi for a day, say maybe in a respect to our national language. Learn new words which we may not be using everyday. Ask your friends to do the same and let your entire group have conversations in Shudh Hindi Ji!
    • National Anthem: If you’re at home or at your workplace, make sure you sing National Anthem. Remember how during our school days we sang it every single day for years! We can remember it even someone wakes us up in the middle of the night and asks us to sing it. Do that, it always makes me feel so happy.
    • Make Art: Involve yourself, friends or family in creating some art. Try creative DIYs off of Pinterest. Something you can show off later on the social media maybe?! (Wink)
    • Remembering our Freedom Fighters: Visit any of them if you know where they live, listen to their stories, experience that era. Or pay a visit to Ambedkar chaitya bhumi in Dadar or Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum in Gamdevi to get the feels.
    • Visit Forts: Forget the fancy-touristy heritage walks around south Mumbai, hike the forts built by the great kings and queens of India. Know the history behind it, make sure to take care of it, adore it. They were built during the struggle and many battles were won there. 

      • Read History: Read history to others, who don’t know the importance of Republic Day and why we celebrate it. Read it to your young ones. 
      • Listen to Indian Music: Great reason to play Indian classical music over international and modern ones. Search for Indian artist and try out their pieces. Decide which ones are your favorite. 
      • Lend a helping hand: Help the less fortunate ones with some comfort, food and kindness. Help the senior citizens to be part of this day. Help the kids to learn more about our country’s history and glory. Plant more trees and help environment.

      Happy Republic day in advance guys! Hope you will make the most out of this day.

      Vande Mataram!!

      Thank-you for reading this blog. Do let me know about your plans in the comments below. 

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       Dhanyawad! Aate rahiye!



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      1. On 26th jan i will watch the pared and t20 match of ind vs eng… Hope india will win

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      2. Will see the parade and will go to my dad’s bank for flag hoisting….Then the rest is nothing much

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Listen to Indian songs and will support India in the T-20 match.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Will go to my old school for flag hosting..n wll clean near by area,to suprt ‘swatcha Bharat abhiyan’
        Jai hind

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Will watch the Rajpath Parade and will surely be nostalgic about the moments when we used to participate in the inter school parade competition on this day…. The practices,the bunks,the rivalry and all…..☺

        Great article… Keep it up….

        Liked by 1 person

      6. I will go for flag hosting in my colony’s playground as flag hosting and national anthem is sacrosanct to me.

        Liked by 1 person

      7. This Republic day i will watch parade & try to do something social…

        Thanks for remembering as a indian

        Vande Mataram…..

        Liked by 1 person

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