Flower Show 2017, Mumbai

The Flower Show is organised every year at Ranichi Bagh, Byculla. This year’s was from 13th to 15th of January. On the evening of 12th, while I was working on one of the blog posts, I suddenly remembered of this annual event and immediately I started asking about it to the friends who has been attending it from years now. Unfortunately no one was sure about the dates and I couldn’t find any confirmation about it on the internet. So I finally made a call directly to the zoo’s office (which I should have done in the first place) and got all the information needed (yes!! They do answer the calls!!)  It was quite surprising for me of how I remembered about the show and it being organized from the very next day! Fate?? COINCIDENCE!

White flower with green background

Lotus flowers in the pond DIY

Sun flower bud in the sun

Anyways, so if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook from long time then you might have seen the images of the previous year’s show uploaded there and how I kept ranting about it. So now you may be able to gauge around how excited I was planning for the visit here. 

Sun flower in the sun

Rose with green background

Marigold flowers

Daffodils close up picture

I wanted to take my mom as she loved all the images I showed her in the past and also is a big Flowers-Gardening-Designing fanatic and keep trying to grow different kinds of plants in the box grill of our windows, so I asked her and my BFF who introduced me to this event and also wanting to come, joined me. We planned for the sunday which was the last day of the show.

Selfie mantramugdha

Spring flowers

White flower with green background close up

It was just 5 minutes of walk from the Byculla railway station. As we entered through the main gate of the the zoo we were asked to stand in a queue which was kind of odd because we were not expecting much crowd and went there hoping to visit in full comfort and luxury of time but contrary to our assumptions there were huge numbers of people, especially  families with their children, photographers and groups of college students. The entrance of the show/exhibition was welcoming with the varieties of art work of different flowers and fruits. This year’s was more focused on kids as the sculptures of different cartoon characters were built using the wire frame and layering different flowers and vines over it. Though unlike the previous one, the exhibition of bonsai plants and it’s artwork was missing. 


Sunflowers in the sunlight spring

What I also love about this show is that they have the horticulture and floriculture competitions and the winner’s produces are featured in the show. And it is quite interesting for the people of the city like Mumbai to get to see all the veggies we eat everyday, grown in small pots and containers. The kids went crazy over this section of the exhibition as they got to know how the food is grown. 

Baby pineapple growing in the pot

It took us around an hour to finish the entire exhibition. At the end came the shopping section, the stalls had varieties of local plants as well as imported, outdoor and indoor ones to sell. Also all the required garden essentials, garden accessories, different kinds of composts and seeds was available, definitely a paradise for the gardening lovers! Even I ended up buying a tiny indoor plant and carried it like a baby till we reached home. Once exited the flower show, we found a place with some shade and cooler breeze in a garden within the premises and had our little picnic with some homemade Palak-Aaloo paratha, cold drinks and long chats. 

Succulents in the pots

Succulents in the pot

We also visited the zoo later, though if you planning!? Visit only if you are a nature lover and want to get the vibes of Victorian era and enjoy the architecture, nothing really much to see other than few deers, hippo and a python. Oh and also a hyena. Had a great day with awesome sunny weather, my two favorite people, interesting flower show, our little picnic and long chats!!

 That’s it for today’s blog. 

P.S. Thanks for reading this blog, I hope you liked it! share your views in the comments below and follow the blog for more.

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