Gallery Maskara | Art Gallery | Mumbai

Gallery Maskara has a clear and compelling mission to taking a global and multidisciplinaryapproach to art that responds to the cultural fabric of our time thus fueling critical dialogue, collaboration, and public engagement. More simply put it is to EXHIBIT AND PROMOTE ART OF THE PRESENT. “

When I found out about this gallery, I realized that I haven’t visited it yet! (I was quite sure that I have been to most of the galleries in Mumbai). In fact, I never heard about it before until I read about it recently. And now, when I learnt how awesome the artwork is, it is shutting down! 

Yes! It opened a decade ago. It’s current and also the last exhibition will be running till September 2016. So I thought to visit it as soon as possible. I had to use GPS to find it and yet it took two wrong lanes for me to reach there. After I saw its facade I was sure that I was in the right spot ( only because I knew I had to look for wall art. )

Check it out!

Facade of the gallery
‘Same Same’ – T. Venkanna
‘Same Same’ – Oil on Canvas by T. Venkanna

‘Same Same’ – Charcoal and Ink on rice paper by T. Venkanna
Night is still young by Meenakshi Sengupta
Mirror Mirror by Meenakshi Sengupta
Quartet in the Box by Max Streicher
Balancing Act by Max Streicher

My Phantom Mother by Narendra Yadav

Let me know in the comments if you liked it or if you are planning to visit the gallery now or have been there before and how did you find it

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  1. Aniket V Kshatriya August 10, 2016 — 12:59 am

    It’s awesome mughda


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