Sunsets In The City

How often do we rush from our work, from our meetings, from almost everything we are doing, keeping everything on hold, to witness our Earth’s most amazing event? Sunsets have a special place in our life. Be it a date, hanging out with our friends, relaxing after a tiring work day, letting our failures and our sadness wash away in the hot and cold breeze or just enjoying the soft sunrays falling on our faces as if it is trying to blend us into its amazing canvas painting.

We are very lucky as Mumbai has long seashores. We watch sun waving goodbye for the day as it drowns into the Arabian Sea. There is some unsaid tradition set for every “Mumbaikar” to make themselves watch sunsets at least once a week, we just love our sunsets, though everyone has their own reasons and version. I have been to various spots and places and when I think I have seen almost every sunsets point, someone amazed me with even much more mesmerizing view. Here are few places with awesome sunsets:


At Marine Drive
At Marine Drive

The most favourite place of everyone to watch some beautiful sunsets is Marine Drive. I bet not even a single person on our island city would have missed this place, none. Guaranteed. From the toddlers to the senior citizens, everyone loves spending their leisure time at “Queen’s necklace”, which stretches from Nariman point to Girgaon chowpatty, hanging down their legs from the concrete seating, enjoying cold and moist breeze. Joggers, walkers, lovers, artists, kids, sellers and also not to forget our Mumbai police, one can find every type of Mumbaikar on this promenade. I come here all the year, summer-monsoons-autumn-winter, every season. And god, have I seen enough of it!!! I started coming here as a kid with my parents, then a lover, followed by as broken hearted girl, then a fitness freak, then as an artist and till today as a crazy mumbaiyya girl. This place and its sunsets has seen people of this city transforming from school going kids to corporate heads while they were enjoying its bhuna singhdana and cutting chai, in fact, it knows their life story very well than anyone else in their life.

The way sky changes from blue to a palette of colours having shades of red, pink and violet flowing into a giant orange ball is something one can’t express in words. It’s beautiful and no one can get enough nor get bored of these sunsets. I believe every city has its own sunset point and they claim it to be the only place with beautiful and amazing sunsets in the world and they are not wrong. Well, Mumbai has it’s very own too. And it’s at Marine drives.


At Suruchi beach
At Bhuigao beach

We all have done this, digging the sand and resting our feet in it and covering them again with warm sand or closed ours eyes to feel the breeze playing with our hair and we have also had bhelpuri. Yes! This is what we all do when we are on a beach waiting for sunset. There are many beaches in Mumbai, but my favourite is Bhuigao beach in Vasai. I have been to the famous and crowded beaches ever since I was a kid and loved playing and swimming and building the sand castles there. But when I first came on this (virgin, I think) beach few months back I was astounded. How in such a populous city there is such quiet and undisclosed place? I went there around the time of sunset or maybe almost an hour ago and there was nobody except me, though I could see few fishermen, I guess. At that time, I couldn’t stop myself to go on the shore and take a walk. Pulling my palazzos high with one hand and holding my shoes in other, I went into the water and walked along for really far. I found myself a comfortable place to rest and watched the blue sky turning yellow and pink as I sat for few more minutes. I realized it’s time for sunset and took another walk back to the place where I started, along with the setting sun. It was very romantic evening, but I didn’t feel the need of having anyone with me as those tender sun rays had covered me entirely, I was waltzing to the music of waves and winds were pampering and flirting with me and messed up my hair (if you know what I mean). I fell in love with this place and its sunsets and call it “my blue lagoon”. It was an amazing experience for me and enjoyed every second of that enchanting evening. Anyone staying in Mumbai must visit here for a relaxed evening.

Image from Internet
Image from the Internet

One of the most magical sunsets was when I was coming back from Global Vipassana Pagoda, seated in a ferry crossing the creek; sun was setting from the back of the huge, magnificent and marvellous Global Vipassana Pagoda. This golden pagoda added lots of drama and beauty to the sunset as it glowed and shone and stood with such a poise and pride. It was exactly how a poet would have described; me being seated in the boat crossing the creek to the other end, the smoke of the boat’s engine was floating from the narrow chimney into the sky, there were tiny boats of fishermen rowing back to home, the banks of the creek had jungle of mangroves and behind it there was the giant structure. The entire sky turned golden and the setting sun created a halo to the structure.’ Yes, this was the actual view. It was a breathtaking, one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen in my life. I took my best friends to this place and they loved it. A must visit for photographers.


At Bhayandar Creek
At Bhayander Creek

I was a victim of boredom when I was stuck in a long and very bad traffic. I pulled out my earphones and played some bollywood songs. Then I leaned on the window glass, I saw the bright red lights in our lane and the headlights flashing from the other side of the road. Out of the helplessness of being stuck there for over an hour, I looked up in the sky. And there were these striking shades of the colours and the sun rays coming out of the clouds, complimented by the greenery of mangroves and the hills along the creek, and this entire view reflected in the water of the creek. All my boredom transformed into curiosity and that view made me very happy. I was so excited that I started clicking through my phone, only my phone peeping out of the window! I asked my cab driver, the child in the car right beside ours, bikers on our other side, everyone to watch how beautiful the sky looks. For a moment those bikers thought I was a maniac but when they actually stood and saw the beauty of that evening, even they got their cameras out and started clicking. And all this was on a highway! A Highway Bridge. The only roadway connecting Vasai-Virar region to the rest of the Mumbai. Now whenever I travel by this road and its evening I always have my camera ready and the view is always great.

There are many more places in the city where we get beautiful and mesmerising sunsets, like from the top of the Kanheri Caves (series of caves in the interior of Sanjay Gandhi national park), Juhu beach, Gorai beach and any building’s terrace! No matter where you are, sunsets are always great. Check out this places and enjoy the city.



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  1. Mayuri Songire May 27, 2016 — 12:41 pm

    Hey miss mugdha, the blog is very superb. The places u visited for sunset are very famous in mumbai, however there are more such places which are lessor known (still virgin) . Eventually i will share some beautiful spots with u so that u can visit it and get new experiences. Keep Writing!!!

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  2. Mrunali Songire May 28, 2016 — 7:34 am

    Great research …. and the pictures are way much amazing … 🙂 keep up with the great work …

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  3. Really nice work

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  4. I have been there , a very nice place to relax…..It’s nice you are sharing it on ur blog

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  5. Very nicely stated …..Good work

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